Transparency is not simply one of the corporate values ​​that animate the business within Reti, nor a simple legal obligation to be complied with.

For those involved in lobbying and communication, being transparent and clear in project management and process execution is a cornerstone of their existence on the market.

Reti’s work, in fact, takes place largely through dialogue, in different forms, with many tools, with different objectives, between a private subject, a person of particular interest and a public party that safeguards the general interest.

It is of interest to the company that this dialogue be conducted with fairness, seriousness and professionalism and that it proceeds in compliance with the law and the ethical codes that Reti is subject to in various ways.

Moreover at Reti we ask the Government and the Parliament to provide regulations that better define the contours and boundaries of our professional activity , since the quality of these services can only be affirmed within a clear legal framework.

For this reason, prior to any central regulatory action, Reti complied with model 231 through internal audit functions and the adoption of a corporate code of ethics.

The Code of Ethics is available here in pdf format. Here, however, there are other sources of interest, such as the codes of ethics signed by FERPI, by which our employees are bound, who are associated and therefore recognised as professionals certified by the Italian Public Relations Federation.

At this link you can find the registrations that Reti obtained at the registers of representatives of interest that are fully functioning to date.